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Bathroom Renovations In London

When it comes to bathroom renovations in London Ontario, we have plenty of experience. We have repaired, upgraded, and installed new bathrooms in multiple homes. We are confident in our team’s ability to renovate and overhaul your bathroom into a calming, relaxing, and cozy getaway from the rest of your home.

We use our time as efficiently as possible to make sure you can enjoy a newly renovated bathroom as soon as possible.

What We Can Do

We have turned gross, small, boring bathrooms into lavish lavatories. Our team is able to repaint your bathroom a whole new color, change out any fixtures including sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs. We make sure that your bathroom has proper electrical wiring, plumbing, and ventilation. When we renovate a bathroom we are also able to completely change out any floor or tiling and install new cabinets and closets. We end off every bathroom renovation with a trim around all the fixtures, doors, and mirrors.

Bathroom Plumbing

While we plan out the plumbing for your bathroom renovation in London Ontario, our team has experience with setting up bathroom plumbing both above and below the ground. Let us handle the pipe work! The renovation experts at Sawson Construction can help you create a plumbing system in your newly renovated bathroom that will last for years. You can count on us to ensure that your bathroom showers will have warm water and a well-draining sink.

Bathroom Electrical Wiring

You’re going to need lights in your newly renovated London bathroom. You will also need electricity to power any hairdryers, blow dryers and other bathroom appliances. You can count on us to safely install any electrical wiring you will need in your bathroom. If you want to be sure that your bathroom renovations go smoothly and the electricity is flowing safely, give us a call. You can feel safe knowing that our electricians are certified and you can rely on them to get the job done right the first time!

Bathroom Painting

We can help you change the look and feel of your bathroom by adding a new paint job. Let us take care of repainting your bathroom while we finish your bathroom renovations in London Ontario.

Bathroom Flooring

Our team can redo your bathroom flooring with new tiles to give your bathroom a whole new look and feel. We can also install heated flooring to your bathroom so you never have to walk out of the shower cold again. If you want your bathroom floor replaced with a new tile or vinyl, give the folks at Sawson Construction a call!

Our Bathroom Renovations In London Ontario

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