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Renovation Services In London & Surrounding Area

Basement Renovations

We have turned boring basements into marvelous man caves, and fashionable family rooms. Despite basements being underground, we will do everything we can to allow as much natural light in as possible. If you plan to sell your home, finishing and renovating your basement can significantly add value to your home. When we renovate a basement, we take plumbing, electrical wiring, and hydro into account to make sure everything will run smoothly and comfortably.

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Kitchen Renovations

We have turned old, boring, cramped kitchens into marvels you’d expect to see from a 5-star restaurant or cooking TV show. We like to allow as much natural light into a kitchen as possible. So we make sure your electrical wiring is all set to add more lights if we need to. We can also create custom countertops for your kitchen as well as build you custom made cabinets and storage areas for all of your kitchen storage needs. We are also able to repaint the walls and ceiling of your kitchen as well as redo your flooring. Another thing we can do while renovating your kitchen is to supply your kitchen with new plumbing for your sinks.

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Bathroom Renovations

We have turned gross, small, boring bathrooms into lavish lavatories. Our team is able to repaint your bathroom a whole new color, change out any fixtures including sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs. We make sure that your bathroom has proper electrical wiring, plumbing, and ventilation. When we renovate a bathroom we are also able to completely change out any floor or tiling and install new cabinets and closets. We end off every bathroom renovation with a trim around all the fixtures, doors, and mirrors.

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Bedroom Renovations

We have turned boring bedrooms into bedrooms you wouldn’t even see in a 5-star hotel. Tell us your style, what you expect to see, and how you want your newly renovated bedroom to feel and we will do everything we can to make that happen. We can repaint your bedroom, change your windows to allow more natural light, and build you personalized bedframes and wardrobes. Our team is also capable of replacing any doors and light fixtures in your bedroom.

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Living Room Renovations

We have turned boring and dry living rooms into super fashionable family rooms and cozy dens. When we renovate living rooms, we will do everything we can to keep your personal style and make you feel right at home. Our team can change electrical wiring to allow your living to have more lights and wall outlets as well as repaint your living room a whole new bright and vibrant color. We can also redo your living room’s flooring with carpet, tile, or vinyl.

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Home Additions

We have built and renovated dozens of home additions all over London, Ontario, and the surrounding area. We can build you a conventional home extension,  a second story, an attached garage, and even a sunroom. If you have the vision, we will do what we can to make that vision a reality. Our team is also able to install electrical wiring and plumbing to any home additions on top of plans to paint and trim them.

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Deck Building

We have built and repaired decks all over London, Ontario, and the surrounding area. We use the highest quality wood when building decks for each of our clients and carefully plan each step of the deck building process. Once we build a deck, we can paint it any color you want to match your house or polish the wood to keep it looking brand new. When we build a deck, we make sure that it is easily accessible and safe. To ensure your safety, we can also add railings and overhead protection to your deck so you can enjoy your deck no matter the weather.

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Garage Additions / Garage Renovations

We have turned an old and dusty garage into a warm, relaxing getaway from the rest of your house. When we renovate a garage we take into account your home, what your garage will be used for and your personal style. We can renovate your garage and redo your roofing, add electrical outlets, and put in new ventilation and air circulation systems. Our team can also repaint both the exterior and interior of your garage and redo your garage’s flooring if you are looking for something more stylish than concrete. We can also give you our own personal design input for planning your garage renovations to allow for more natural light and air to come inside.

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Mudroom Renovations

We have built and renovated mudrooms all over London, Ontario, and the surrounding area. When we renovate or build a mudroom for a client, we do everything we can to keep it consistent with the rest of our client’s house while being as welcoming as we can make it. Our team can finish and paint you a brand new mudroom and build you closets and other storage spaces for shoes and other outerwear. We are also able to install electrical wiring to power the lights in your mudroom and even install plumbing if you want to add a sink or move your laundry room.

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Laundry Room Renovations

We have turned creepy, old laundry rooms into exciting and inspirational places to think and unwind. We can renovate your laundry room and create a whole new atmosphere in your home. Our team is able to replace old and outdated appliances, replace and fix your plumbing, repaint your laundry room’s walls and ceiling, redo your floor or tiling, and build you new storage spaces. Whether your laundry room is above or below ground, we are confident that we can help.

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